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Sometimes, it's necessary to send a speculative job application to a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies will keep speculative job applications on file for anything up to five years and during that time, will consider your application against any vacancies that might arise now or in the future.

As already discussed, recruitment agencies are largely automated and use software to do their initial search against a client vacancy, so it is extremely important that you include keywords in your job application cover letter as well as your CV.

The reason for this is that recruitment agency software works in a similar way to some Internet search engines.

This means that if a recruiter types in the keywords, "sales executive", "Leeds", "construction" because he has a vancy for a sales engineer in Leeds with construction industry experience, then his search will come back with results of all candidates with those keywords present in their applications.

If you have been careful to include the same keywords in your cover letter  AND your CV, then your application will appear to be more relevant that a candidate who didn't, simply because the same keywords appear in both documents, so you're doubling your chances of success and will automatically (at least on paper) look like the stronger candidate.

Creating a good job application letter for a recruitment agency isn't hard. Done correctly, using email, you can massively increase your chances of being noticed.

Here is an example speculative cover letter to a recruitment agency:

Your Address
Address 2
Address 3
Address 4

Your Telephone Numbers

Agency Name
Agency Address
Agency Address 2
Agency Address 3
Agency Postcode

Dear Sirs,

I am currently employed as a Sales Engineer with XYZ Construction Products Ltd and am seeking an alternative position in a similar capacity.

I would be grateful if you would consider for any client requirements that broadly match my skills and experience which includes:

  • x years sales experience
  • Solid knowledge of construction plant and equipment
  • Customers include large construction firms, local authorities and road builders
  • Typical sales value to around £1.5million

Ideally, I am seeking a sales or sales management role in an expanding company. Location is not really an issue as I am willing and able to relocate at short notice, assuming my expenses for doing so are met.

Further details can be found on my CV and of course, I will be pleased to answer any questions that you might have. I can be contacted on my mobile telephone at any time and at home after 6p.m. or at weekends.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be very grateful if you could contact me prior to making any application on my behalf.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name


A cover letter like this covers most of the bases. You'll notice that this one requests that no application is made until contact has been made.

This is vitally important, as many recruiters these days send speculative applications to all likely employers without any kind of pre-qualification whatsover.

Unless you specify prior contact being made, your details could end up on the desk of somebody you don't want it to and could jeopardise other applications being made on your behalf by other recruiters.

The last thing you want is a situation where more than one recruiter has sent your application, as this only makes the employer think that you are not being selective about your job applications.

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